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Find your locals USDA Cooperative Extension Office
USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning, 2009 revision
National Center for Home Food Preservation
Pressure Canner Use and Care – SP50-649 (PDF)

Using and Caring for Your Pressure Canner - PNW 421 (PDF)

Storing Food for Safety and Quality - PNW 612 (PDF)

Fruits and vegetables

Meat, poultry, game, seafood



Jams, Jellies, Preserves



Smoking and curing

Preserving Specific Foods


NCHFP Self Study linkEdit

This is the link to the NCHFP online canning course . It's free, through the

University of Georgia's website. You just email them and ask for a

login, and they will email one back to you.   (using Ascorbic Acid in Canning )   (bushel sizes for diffrent fruits, veggies, grains)

Canning Fish (canning fish)  (canning fish) (harvesting wild edibles) (storing and preserving Garlic) (list of fruits/berries with natural pectin) (all about Peppers)

Acidic level in Foods

Reusable Lids (instructional video put out by Tattlers Company) (reusable lids)

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Steam Canners Steam Canners

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Canner Information (all american information) parts )

Pressure Canner Parts: (using and caring of your pressure canner)

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Printable Canning Inventory List